The cardboard box has been incredibly useful since its invention back in 1817. Back then, cardboard boxes were made from paperboard and were not corrugated. Things have moved on a bit from those days with many different options and variations for different purposes.

It wasn’t until 1871 that corrugated cardboard came into existence to replace paperboard as a means of a stronger material for shipping and handling materials. If you’re wondering what corrugated cardboard is made of, our sister company, Belmont Packaging has it covered in a blog.

Where did it all begin with Boxed-Up?

Fast forward to late 2010 and Belmont Packaging (with over 30 years of expertise) decided to create their sister company Boxed-Up packaging with a primary focus to serve small businesses and merchants with high-quality cardboard box packaging.

The first Boxed-Up sale was for a Single Wall 18 x 12 x 12” corrugated cardboard box. Since the company has grown from strength to strength with a 5 star TrustPilot score and next day delivery on offer.

What is the most common question asked by customers?

We are asked a lot of questions every day, but the question that comes up the most is ‘what box would be suitable for my product?’. It can be difficult to determine if you’re a small business selling multiple products but we always answer by getting to know the customers needs a little more.

There’s no easy answer without getting a little more information about what the customer is looking to ship or store. We’d always ask about the products being placed in the box, for example, the weight and dimensions.

Most of the time, our customers find their perfect solution using our Box Finder Tool.

What’s next for Boxed-Up?

We’ll continue to help small businesses, and merchants with their packaging needs and we have just recently installed even more warehouse racking to be able to store more high-quality packaging solutions and postal boxes.

The new racking allows us to have more cardboard boxes available for next day shipping, addressing a key pain point for our customers needing fast delivery.

Kelly Rowson, E-Commerce Team Leader comments“2019 is a really exciting year for Boxed-Up as we introduce the new racking for the warehouse. Our main goal coming into this year was to have more stock available for the small business and merchants that need their packaging solutions delivered within 24 hours.

“Being a sister company of Belmont Packaging is a huge attraction for our customers because they know they are getting high-quality UK manufactured cardboard packaging solutions straight from the manufacturer and cutting out the middleman.”

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