How do I package glass items?

How do I package glass items?


Hello, I have just started selling art & craft products on the web and some of my products contain glass. I sent some products by courier and they have been damaged. Would you be able to help? 

Cardboard Clinic;

Firstly congratulations on your new business venture, we wish you every success.

If your product is glass we would always recommend Double wall boxes - double wall boxes are stronger and more rigid than single wall boxes and are the perfect choice for fragile items. They are lightweight so are ideal for sending through the postal system. 
Double check that your box is bigger than your product, so that you are able to get plenty of packaging in the box. Use a good quality packing material such as airbags, bubble wrap or newspaper (we recommend a mixture) make sure that all parts of your product is packaged properly.

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Making sure that you weigh your product after packaging as it may weigh heavier than it did before and this may be costlier. If you don't pay the correct courier prices, you may incur further charges from the courier or worse still, your customer may incur these charges.