How to package a T-shirt | Boxed UP

How to package a T-shirt | Boxed UP

Are you an ecommerce seller? Have you sold some products on eBay or are you sending a gift to someone for example?

Clothing is a very popular product to send through the postal system and can be sent out in individual pieces or in bulk.

As its not usually fragile or breakable, they can normally be sent out in single wall boxes and not double wall, however you should still package your product properly. Read our helpful guide here on the difference between double and single wall.

Most people use the plastic Jiffy bags; however, this is not very eco-friendly and can look unsightly. Jiffy bags can be thrown around, causing your clothing to become creased and shabby looking. First impressions do count, we would always recommend using cardboard postal boxes when packing clothing.

clothing in a box for boxed up packaging

Our C4 PIP large letter boxes and our medium sub boxes are ideal for smaller clothing such as t-shirts and polo shirts, silk scarfs, gloves and such. The c4 are ideal for posting through a letter box and do conform to the royal mail letter box guidelines. The subscription boxes are slightly wider and come under the small parcel sizing

Boxed-Up Large Letter T-Shirt Boxes

The robust design of our boxes ensure that they can be quickly and easily assembled with packaging tape to secure the contents.

If you are sending more than a few pieces of clothing, we would recommend our 12 x 9 x 6” boxes. This size is absolutely ideal for jeans, dresses, trousers and a multitude of clothing.

bulk order boxes

Cardboard is not only eco-friendly, it looks more professional and can save you extra cost when shipping.

If you would like further assistance with your product please phone us on 01942 524 256 or via our contact us form.