Choosing the right packaging for E-commerce businesses

Choosing the right packaging for E-commerce businesses

The way we shop has changed, an accelerated digital shift is happening and it is here to stay. In 2020 we saw the UK’s largest online shopping sales ever, as high as 87% of UK households made online purchases within the preceding 12 months, making this the highest online purchase penetration rate in the country in the past 11 years!

Naturally with an increase in E-commerce sales, comes an increase in demand for packaging to ship all online orders. However, choosing the wrong e-commerce packaging can soon stop those sales from flooding in.

Why is E-commerce packaging important?

So, let’s talk about why E-commerce packaging is so important.

E-commerce packaging is the closest you will come to giving your customers a personal touch. Well-designed and carefully selected e-commerce packaging can have a huge impact on your business’s success. It can help foster loyal customers, increase brand awareness, and may even result in you going viral with “unboxing videos”

We understand that getting your products to your customers safely, well presented and in a cost-effective manner is very important. Damaged packaging can have a detrimental effect on your brand image and cause a lot of inconveniences when it comes to sorting returns and refunds. Therefore, that is why choosing the right type of E-commerce packaging is hugely important.

How to choose the right type of E-commerce packaging

Packaging should always be considered an important factor within the order cycle of E-commerce business. From the moment a customer hits the order button, to the minute their package arrives on their doorstep. Your brand should be consistent, high-quality, and trustworthy. If you choose the wrong type of packaging you can put all of this at risk.

However, we understand that there are a lot of options out there to choose from. So, let’s talk about the different types of packaging you can choose from:

Corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes are a sustainable, high-quality packaging option you can trust. Most commonly used as shipping boxes, this type of packaging is perfect for E-commerce businesses.

Corrugated packaging is also extremely cost-effective, it’s lightweight and therefore saves on shipping/ delivery costs for a number of businesses.

However, even though it is lightweight it is also extremely strong and durable making it good for transporting heavy items both commercially and for personal use.

Corrugated material is very easy to work with and extremely time-efficient to produce and supply. This again makes it a perfect choice for busy E-commerce businesses with a large number of orders to ship out in one day.

Corrugated boxes can be supplied in single-wall and double-wall options, so it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Single wall boxes

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes are most commonly used for packaging lightweight products and are also another good option for E-commerce businesses. A single wall box is constructed using three layers of paper that are glued using starch into one single, sturdy sheet.

Single-wall is the most commonly used type of corrugated shipping case for online merchants, as they're a cheaper alternative to double-wall versions, yet still, provide enough rigidity and shock absorption to protect the contents of the goods inside.

Double-wall boxes.

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes are constructed using two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes), with a liner board facing between them. This 5-ply construction provides added strength and stability.

Corrugated cases constructed in double-wall are better suited for heavier weighted or higher value items, which demand greater strength from the board. The double fluting also adds greater protection, by providing a strong cushioning effect, absorbing any shock which may occur during transit.

The greater rigidity provided by double-wall boxes makes them the ideal choice for items that require longer-term stacking storage and are perfect for house moving or archiving.

Packaging can make or break a product – literally so make sure you choose a packaging supplier you can trust.

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