Christmas Jumper Day....Part 2!

Christmas Jumper Day....Part 2!

Someone in the office (of course we’re not mentioning any names)….forgot about Christmas Jumper day on Friday, so that certain person has decided not to let the team down and come in his Christmas Jumper all week!

However, Simon (oops!) donned his best festive jumper complete with white snowy reindeer's but even that was not enough to bring out Simon's festive spirit!!

A Christmas carol, springs to mind…..what do you think? 

Do you have a Ebeneezer at your work place, Are you married to your very own Scrooge!? Why not Send us a quick email at [email protected] with your pictures of someone who hates wearing his/her Christmas Jumper as much as Simon does!

Anyone who send a picture will get to be showcased on our blog and our social media page!

What do you think of Simon's Jumper? Would this put a smile on your face?