Christmas Eve Treasure Chest Box

Christmas Eve Treasure Chest Box

For kids around the world Christmas Eve is the most exciting time of the year, waiting in anticipation for Santa to bring gifts, listening out for reindeer hooves on the roof, leaving carrots beside the fireside for Rudolph!

To help you get in the Christmas spirit this year, why not buy one of our unique Christmas eve treasure chests. These can be used to keep the little ones entertained on Xmas eve by pre-filling with a Christmas movie, sweets, popcorn, Christmas eve Pyjamas, hot chocolate and fairy dust! A perfect family xmas eve with the Adults the kids.

After the festive season our bespoke and unique wooden look treasure chest is perfect for storing toys and dress up outfits for little ones, or even used as a memorable keepsake box.

Measuring at 304mm x 228mm x 204mm, made purely from cardboard with a real style wooden look, arched hinged lid and sturdy feet.

Choose either 1, 2 or a pack of 5. Great for Christmas decoration, storage and much more.