How to wrap or not wrap, your Christmas gifts!

How to wrap or not wrap, your Christmas gifts!

Love it or loathe it, wrapping gifts for your loved ones in an integral part of Christmas. You’re either a pro at it or not.

Every year the bar is raised when it comes to wrapping gifts so, it helps to make sure that they are beautifully wrapped and look picture perfect under your Christmas tree. To help you become a master wrapper, we have devised a few simple tips!

bad gift wrapping

But exactly how do you get a perfectly wrapped present?

  1. Be creative! Trying to hide what some gifts are, can be a real issue. When trying to disguise a gift, its better to think outside the box, or in this case about a box! a cardboard box in fact! Boxed-Up has some great sized boxes that are perfect for this. Our 10x7x3 is a perfect gift style box and will help to hide what the gift is. If you are unable to use a box for your gift, think of creative ways to wrap it. For example, a cylinder-shaped object could be made into a sweet with 2 ends that are tied and finished off with curling ribbon or by using the fold over effect which is obtained by gathering the paper together and is perfect when topped with a bow.
  2. Sticky Tape! Use double sided sticky tape for a better look and aesthetics is key when gift wrapping any present. There are special gift-wrapping tapes available on the market.
  3. Measure it first! Always measure the amount of wrapping paper you need before you use it. Then with a sharp pair of scissors cut the exact paper that you need. Using too much paper will look messy.
  4. Too much paper! The key is to use good quality paper, that won’t rip. Gift wrap paper is better if it has a grid on the back as it can be measured and cut properly. Measure before you cut the paper and always make sure that there is sufficient paper along the sides. You can also use different coloured wrapping paper for different family members to save on using name tags.
  5. Add some flair to finish off your gifts. Add some double-sided tape into strips long the top and dip into confetti or glitter or use some curling ribbon to your present, then finish with a name tag! Don’t get mixed up!
  6. Waste not, want not! Avoid unnecessary waste by measuring the gift against the paper beforehand and trimming any excess curling ribbon, this can come in useful when wrapping other gifts.


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