Interview with Business Owner Kate Hulley

Interview with Business Owner Kate Hulley

This month Boxed-Up’s Kate Hulley was interviewed by IS4PROFIT. The interview sees Kate talking through her successes, her views on business management and the future she has for the company.

Kate has been the head of Boxed-Up and Belmont Packaging since taking over the family business in 2013. Kate has been within the manufacturing industry since she can remember and before moving into the family business followed her own path within this sector. Kate’s enterprise hero has been and to this day remains her father, who founded Belmont Packaging in 1978.

Kate is proud to be implementing and investing in greener technology throughout the factory. Assessing all our practices to ensure that we are doing all that we can as a company to reduce our carbon footprint.

Kate has successfully summed up Belmont Packaging and Boxed-Up in three words “Friendly, Feisty and hardworking.”

Read the full interview to learn more about Kate’s success as the head of a female-led business.