Pre-Black Friday Bonanza

Pre-Black Friday Bonanza

Are you getting involved in Black Friday this year, or just love a bargain? Then you'll want to check out our pre-Black Friday deals.

For one day only - this Friday - we're holding a special event, to bring you some great deals in advance of Black Friday (& Cyber Monday) weekend!

In recent years Black Friday sales have really taken off in the UK, and we know many of you, our loyal customers, are joining in this year and slashing prices for one day - or one weekend - only. We considered joining in ourselves, but then we thought, actually - our customers are going to want their postal boxes before Black Friday - so let's give them their very own Pre-Black Friday, Black Friday!!

So we're offering you some great discounts before the big day - we know every little helps when you're squeezing your margins for a sale!!

We'll be sending out further information - as well as exclusive discount codes - in our email, which you can sign up to below, and check out our Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for our daily tips for ecommerce success this Black Friday!

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