What is the difference between Single and Double Wall Boxes?

What is the difference between Single and Double Wall Boxes?

What is the difference between single and double wall boxes

Corrugated cardboard is made up of a fluted paper sheet which is placed between two sheets of liner paper; an inner and an outer layer. It is the size of the 'flute' and the weight of the paper that determine the strength and performance of the board, and therefore the box. Corrugated cardboard is sold in a variety of manners; single facing, single-wall, double-wall and triple-wall. In this article, we'll be concentrating on the commonly sold stock box constructions of single and double-wall.

Single Wall corrugated boxes are most commonly used for packaging lightweight products and are perfect for sending through the postal system.

Contrary to common belief, single-wall boxes can vary considerably in quality. If you were to compare several single-wall corrugated boxes that are of the same dimensional size, you'll discover that there are some surprising differences in their strength.

A single-wall box is constructed using three layers of paper that are glued using starch into one single, sturdy sheet. The interior layer, called flutes or waves (the squiggly bit), play the biggest role in determining the box’s strength.

When determining which flute would be suitable for your requirements, there are many factors to be taken into consideration. Each flute has properties which may be better suited to certain packaging requirements over another.

Flutes are available in a variety of thicknesses and are identified by the use alphabetic letters. For example, shorter flutes such as Z-flute can withstand crushing much better than the taller fluted boxes (such as C-flute). However, it's also important to understand that the shorter flutes don't absorb shock as well as the taller flutes.  To gain further understanding of fluting and paper weights, you can check out our previous post on Understanding Corrugated Cardboard or our new blog Are Corrugated Cardboard Boxes Recyclable?

Single-wall is the most commonly used type of corrugated shipping case for online merchants, as they're a cheaper alternative to double-wall versions, yet still provide enough rigidity and shock absorption to protect the contents of the goods inside

Double-wall corrugated boxes are constructed using two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes), with a linerboard facing between them. This 5-ply construction provides added strength and stability.

Corrugated cases constructed in double-wall are better suited for heavier weighted or higher value items, which demand a greater strength from the board. The double fluting also adds greater protection, by providing a strong cushioning effect, absorbing any shock which may occur during transit.

The greater rigidity provided by double-wall boxes make them the ideal choice for items which require longer term stacking storage and are perfect for house moving or archiving.