You may be just starting out in business or be an entrepreneurial pro but occasionally you may need help deciding on which boxes to use, when packing your orders.

Cardboard packaging is eco-friendly, recyclable, durable and really easy to use and store, making it the number one choice for posting goods through the mailing system.

The boxed-up website offers a box finder that will filter the size that you require. Simply enter your length x width x height in the box and this handy finder will scout our website and come back with the size that is as near to the size that you need.

Choosing the correct construction is vital when ordering your boxes. Single wall boxes are perfect for sending a large array of goods and are ideal with the ecommerce industry as they are lightweight, economical and provide protection when sending through the post. For smaller items, we would recommend a box from our range of postal boxes.

We would recommend Double Wall boxes if you are sending heavier or fragile items. They make an ideal box for storing goods in the garage, office and for house moving.

If you need assistance measuring your boxes, head on over to our packaging guide here for helpful hints and tips on getting the correct size.

Think about what you are sending and ask yourself, is it fragile, would it be damaged if it was dropped. Take a look at your budget and decide what construction and size you need.

We offer a wide variety of single and double wall boxes to suit almost all packaging requirements.

We would be more than happy to help you decide what size box would suit your requirements, why not use the handy box-finder or alternatively phone us on 01942 524 256 where we would be happy to help you further.