5 benefits of corrugated packaging

5 benefits of corrugated packaging
Inexpensive, lightweight, but robust and strong, corrugated is the preferred form of packaging for a huge number of industry sectors and businesses.

Since the creation of the first corrugated paper in 1856, there have been huge developments to make the product stronger and more suitable for our packaging needs today.

Depending on the needs that a customer has, Boxed-Up manufacture and provide very strong double walled boxes for heavy duty applications or single walled boxes for singular, lightweight options. We’ve explored five main benefits of corrugated packaging and why it’s still the best way of sending goods to consumers.


Compared to other materials, cardboard is a very light and flexible materials. It’s ability to hold and carry heavy loads whilst not adding significantly to the weight of the item makes it a cheap and effective material choice for transporting a number of goods. Due to its lightweight nature, corrugated packaging is extremely easy to load, making it convenient for mailing and transportation.


Corrugated cardboard also plays another role in transportation and storage - protection. Cardboard is incredibly effective for protecting both fragile and non fragile items. The sheets of paper glued to the corrugated inner of sheet gives the box structure additional strength to support heavy weights, resist shock, impact, dropping and vibration. Protective corrugated layers in cardboard also provide excellent thermal insulation and help to keep moisture away from products.

Easily customisable

Corrugated packaging can improve your brand’s visibility and can work as a new channel for your product marketing. Adding printed artwork to your cardboards surface can drastically increase brand awareness and communicate your messages and brand values really effectively. Printed options vary from flexography to lithography and digital printing, but whether it’s the addition of a simple logo or an entire customised and printed box, creative packaging is extremely effective for catching your consumer's eye and imagination.
Our sister company, Belmont Packaging, specialises in fully customised, printed packaging. Visit the website and find out more about how we can help personalise and transform your packaging.


Corrugated packaging is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of. In fact, more than 80% of corrugated packaging and boxes in the UK are recycled, a higher rate than for any other major packaging material. At Boxed-Up, our cardboard waste is recycled using a circular recycling model. Reduce, reuse and recycle is at the heart of each stage of our manufacturing process, meaning that our cardboard off cuts and waste are used again and again in our products whilst still maintaining durability!  Such effective recycling enables a renewable resource – paper fibre – to be used again, as part of a closed loop recycling process for corrugated packaging.


Cardboard is a flexible material and corrugated material in particular is recognised for it’s premium quality and innovative structure. Cardboard provides a cost effective and practical way to protect products, stabilise loads and box up awkward shaped goods. Because of it’s flexibility, boxes can be manufactured in a huge array of sizes and styles, combining either single or double wall protection for your products.

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