How to get organised for moving house in 2018

How to get organised for moving house in 2018

It’s January – time for fresh starts, getting organised, and lo and behold it’s the most popular time for moving house! The Christmas chaos is slowly becoming a distant memory as we embark on peak house moving season, and if you’re one of those that have delayed the big move until the festivities are over then you’re in luck. Before you buy your house moving packs or get started on what seems like a near-impossible task, our team of experts are on-hand and ready to assist with all of your packing problems!

Start by decluttering

Before you even think about starting to pack, dedicate a day or so to each room in the house and give it a major declutter. Be strict with yourself, with a new year and a new home it’s time to let some things go. No one likes a hoarder when it comes to move house and you’ll thank yourself when your new home is of showroom standard and clutter-free!

Get equipped

Make sure you’re armed and ready to tackle the house, moving boxes before you get started. In preparing for packing up your house, you’ll need:

  • Cardboard boxes

  • Bubblewrap

  • Sellotape

  • Marker pen

Tick 3 of these 4 items off with our house moving box packs, complete with the boxes, marker pen and tape, along with a handy ‘Room Key’ printed on the box to help you identify which room the contents belong to!

Kate Hulley, MD of Belmont Packaging

Sort by room

Start packing, and then unpacking, on a room-by-room basis. Keeping the contents of each room together will streamline your process massively and minimise any confusion or added stress. When packing, leave the most important room last. The last boxes to be loaded will be the first off, so if you can’t imagine the first night in your new home without your electric blanket, make sure it isn’t bottom of the pile!

Label clearly

Seems pretty obvious, right? Yet surprisingly, many house movers don’t think about where they’re actually labelling the box, or aren’t adequately describing the contents which can often result in damaged goods or messy unpacking malarkey. Streamline the packing and unpacking process by labelling boxes on the side and top of the box, naming the intended room and with ‘FRAGILE’ and ‘KEEP UPRIGHT’ labelled where necessary!

Don’t use any old boxes

Settling into a new home is exciting for anyone, so don’t get off to a bad start by failing to take sufficient care with your most treasured possessions! Invest in quality corrugated cardboard boxes for transporting the contents of your home – like the ones you’ll find in our house moving packs!

Moving house? To relieve some of the stress when packing and unpacking, equip yourselves with our house moving box packs; complete with high quality, corrugated boxes, a marker pen and sellotape, for smooth house moves!