The ultimate guide to postage for eBay sellers!

The ultimate guide to postage for eBay sellers!

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to blow the competition out of the water, and get your product recognised online, it’s shipping! By now every customer will understand the importance of shipping, especially on eBay. Delivery is one of the most important aspects in a buyers’ eyes and this is proven by the fact two out of four detailed seller ratings are shipping related.

As well as giving potential customers an incentive to make a purchase, shipping can also have a huge impact on your profit margins. All too often, eBay sellers will post items with ludicrously high shipping prices but it’s useless and ineffective - they’re losing countless customers and leaving money on the table all because they are ignorant to the best ways to ship.

Well, not anymore - in this guide the team at Boxed Up will go through all the aspects of shipping on eBay and reveal the best hints and tips that will allow you to sell your products faster and cheaper - resulting in happy customers and more money in your back pocket!

1) eBay Selling Policy

You may be new to the whole online market, or you could be a seasoned seller and know all about eBay’s rules regarding shipping. No? Well, let’s start with the absolute basics. Going in you should know that eBay is notoriously strict on shipping charges and want to be completely transparent for buyers.

This means you have to clearly specify the actual postage costs as well as the cost of any packaging materials. If you provide any additional services to the buyer make sure these are clearly listed such as, proof of postage, recorded delivery and signature information etc. Basically, the more information, the better the listing!

2) FREE Shipping

What impact does free shipping have on retail sales? Well, as it turns out, quite a substantial impact! If you’re an online seller and not offering free shipping you might want to consider your delivery options.

According to the Walker Sands future of Retail 2016 report, nine out of the ten survey participants said free shipping was their No. 1 incentive to buy from online retailers. You may not be an online retailer but you are providing the same exchange of money for a product.

Plus there are many advantage to offering free delivery to your eBay customers, including:

  • Automatic 5-star DRS for postage and packaging charges
  • Higher visibility in best match search results
  • Higher conversion rate (buyers love free delivery)
  • The ability to receive the Premium Service badge on your listings. In fact, it’s worth offering free delivery for this point alone as having Premium Service listings is a real trust indicator for buyers.

So, if you can, always offer free delivery to your buyers, or go for the cheapest option. It’s worth putting yourself in your buyer's shoes. Would you be looking to a competitor for a cheaper deal? If so, then it’s time to square up to your rivals in order to come out on top.

3) Parcel Packaging

We then move on to packaging, a subject our expert team at Boxed Up are well-versed in. Packaging your items with care shows you have high standards of customer service, which can only result in positive feedback and a continuation of sales.

Common Problems:

  • Using a box that is too small or large may damage the item during delivery.
  • Forgetting or not using enough packaging material to support your item.
  • Using weak or not enough tape to secure your box in place.

We’ve got the solution all Boxed Up:

Boxed Up offer postage boxes manufactured using high grade corrugated board to ensure maximum protection for all of your items. Our postal boxes come in a wide range of sizes with a cushioned interior (so there’s no need to worry about that pesky packaging).

4) International Shipping

There are obvious plus points in taking your shipping overseas. You can potentially double the amount of customers you have in one sitting. Oh and, not to mention, you have just created a base for posting listings on other eBay sites and/or in different languages to extend your reach.

What to consider:

  • It may not be the best option if you are looking to ship breakable/valuable/unique or very heavy items.
  • Check the shipping costs carefully, don’t just guess. They can mount up fairly quickly when shipping internationally.
  • Think about which countries you would like to ship to before you post a listing. Remember eBay includes Eastern bloc countries such as Russia in the Europe shipping options. You may wish to specify which countries you are most happy to ship to in the description box.

I hope we’ve covered everything there is to know about postage and shipping on eBay. If you are interested in purchasing from Boxed Up, or would like further information about our boxes, then please call our friendly team on 01942 524256 for expert help and advice.