Time to Move!

Time to Move!

Our director Kate Hulley moved home this week, packed up her belongings and her family and headed to pastures new!

Armed with our Double and Single Wall House Moving Boxes and the helpful Pollards Moving and Storage team, the move went relatively well with little disruption to the whole family! Oh who are we kidding, it was chaos!

However Pollards were on hand to help and sent out 4, highly professional removal men who were not only helpful but friendly and helped get ‘stuck in'

Two hours later, Kate was in her new home, with the family and her belongings in tow! Our Double Wall and Single Wall House Moving Boxes managed to stand the test of carrying all the children's toys.

If you're moving home soon, we recommend our Double Wall and Single Wall House Moving Boxes, that are strong and reliable, come with free sticky tape and a marker pen for marking your boxes. Our house moving boxes feature a handy room guide that is perfect for remembering which room your contents belong to without having to open and search through each and every box.

If you're anything like our Director Kate, (a working mum) don't worry Pollards Moving & Storing will happily assist you in your new venture.

Here are some top tips when moving home;

  1. Preparation Don't leave everything to the last minute. House moving is stressful, therefore if you pack a little at a time, then when D-Day is finally here the move will seem less stressful
  2. Valuable Items. Make sure that you wrap up your valuable items properly with extra bubble wrap and double wall for more expensive and weighty items or single wall boxes for lighter possessions.
  3. Correct Packaging Using the correct packaging materials is key when moving home. Always use good quality boxes with double walls (thicker cardboard) for heavy items and valuable or breakables items including China. Bubble wrap or lots of newspaper should be used to wrap around your goods. Single wall boxes are perfect for lighter and less valuable items. Don't forget the bin bags for clothing and more bulky items and to clear up any mess that you will leave behind.
  4. Storage Space. Start packing anything that you don't use each day. Once a room is emptied it can be used as a storage room until your moving day. Garages are always a recommended first room to tidy and it's also a perfect room to store items.
  5. Children. Moving homes and possibly schools can be extremely stressful and exciting to some children, so we recommend making sure that their belongings are in your new home and their new bedroom as soon as possible, to minimise disruption to them and help them settle in faster. It also helps to make sure that they aren't under your feet on the moving day.
  6. Paperwork Keep your documents in a separate box away from other household items, making sure that the boxes are properly marked as to the contents. Once you're in your new home, you can simply put them into a safe place for future use.
  7. Cleaning Up There is always lots of mess when moving home, unpacking the boxes, tape on the floor, cardboard boxes discarded etc. We are strong believers in recycling to help save our planet here at Boxed-Up. There will be lots of recycling bins near your local supermarket and you can always use your local tip or recycling centres.
  8. Enjoy your new home Now that you are in your new home, take your time to unpack your belongings.
  9. Cooking You probably won't feel like cooking and to be honest most of your utensils will more than likely be packed away from the move so why not treat your family to a local takeaway and really enjoy your evening in your new home!

Good luck if you are moving home.