Why the Unboxing Experience is So Important

Why the Unboxing Experience is So Important
The Unboxing experience for your BRAND

“The unboxing experience” - we’ve all heard this phrase used in relation to customer experience. Unfortunately, a lot of companies underestimate the power an unboxing experience can have for their brand. As eCommerce businesses don’t have the luxury of a storefront for customers to enjoy, there’s a need to work harder when it comes to connecting and interacting with customers. A quality unboxing experience is a perfect way to do this.

The Power of the Unboxing Experience

Let’s start by breaking it down. Yes, the unboxing experience is simply a customer receiving their order and taking the product out of the packaging. While this is a necessary and basic activity, your brand can make a great impression during the short moments when a customer first receives your product.

This is your opportunity to make a strong statement about your brand. This is particularly true for new customers who are exploring your business for the first time and discovering a new product. You can make a good initial impression with your website, but the unboxing experience is your moment to make an impactful and long-lasting impression on a customer. Make sure your packaging is going to reflect your brand image, tell your story and work on building a connection.

Again, don’t underestimate the power of the unboxing experience. Not only can it mean that customers purchase from you again, but it is also a great marketing tool. With exciting, quality packaging, customers are going to share their experience. Word-of-mouth marketing is very important and with excellent packaging, customers will tell their friends and family, as well as sharing on social media. It’s no longer about just producing good products. It’s now about creating a whole experience.

How to Create an Unforgettable Unboxing Experience

So, you want to grow your brand and really capitalise on the whole unboxing experience. Where on earth do you begin? If you want to make sure your customers have a great unboxing experience with your business, it all starts by upgrading the first touchpoint. We’re talking about the packaging that you send their order in.

First of all, start with the box size. Customers are becoming more eco-aware and don’t want excessive packaging. Choose quality packaging too like we offer at Boxed Up. This isn’t just going to help with the unboxing experience, it’s also going to lower the risk of products being damaged or even going missing.

Next, customers appreciate good-looking and distinctive packaging. In other words, think about your labels and any customisation you can make to the packaging. This is an opportunity to demonstrate what your brand is about and how you’re different from competitors. Make it exciting, memorable and enjoyable. You want to encourage your customers to be curious and want to unwrap their order straightaway. 

Don’t forget to think about what’s going inside the box too. Of course, it’s always best to provide filling in order to protect your customer’s order. But nice tissue paper or other materials can help to add the ‘wow factor’. Even the tape that you use on the outside of the box all plays a part in creating a memorable unboxing experience.

Therefore, it’s all about moving a good experience on screen to an unforgettable experience inside a customer’s home. Choose packaging that is going to bring your brand to life, make a customer feel good and want to share their experience. Ultimately, ensure your packaging makes customers want to buy from you again.