What is the best box for archiving Vinyl Records?

What is the best box for archiving Vinyl Records?

For all those avid vinyl record collectors out there, sometimes you get to a point where you need to archive some of your collection. Then you can make more space to store your current favourite records safely without overstacking.

Although there may be a temptation to spend more on plastic or sealed record containers, these can actually create a damaging micro-climate for your archived vinyls. Cardboard boxes offer the perfect solution as they allow some air circulation while being sturdy enough to protect your vinyl records!

We recommend our 8x8x8" boxes for archiving vinyl records as it will prevent them from moving around and keep them safe.

Extra tips;

  • Make sure there is enough room to still be able to flip through your records to make it easier when you come back to them.
  • Avoid storing your boxes in areas with extreme temperatures or places likely to encounter water damage.

Case Study 

Customer - Mr. F. Childs

Mr. F. Childs was looking for a storage solution to archive a number of vinyl records he had collected and had for years. He needed a box that was sturdy and could keep the records safe while in storage.


We suggested our single wall 8x8x8” box would be an ideal option for storing Mr. F. Childs record collection as it would keep them snug without causing warping to them.


Mr. F.Childs was happy with the outcome and able to store his record collection safely and without the worry of damage.

frank boxes for vinyl records

Images courtesy of Mr. F. Childs*

We also hold a number of boxes that are ideal for safely shipping out bundles of vinyl records. If you would like further information on either shipping or storing vinyl records please get in touch!