How poor packaging can lead to E-commerce delays this Christmas

How poor packaging can lead to E-commerce delays this Christmas

When ordering from an E-commerce business, customers continue to demand excellence when it comes to delivery standards. Packaging problems create a number of problems for your business and can be costly, so are best avoided.

In this blog article we’re going to review the types of packaging problems that can arise and review the solutions available from Boxed-Up to minimise those packaging problems for your business, so read on to find out more …

Why are packaging problems such an issue?

31% of people are unlikely to buy from a retailer again if their package turns up late, and 22% of people say they would cancel an order if they learned their gift was going to arrive late. 

Last Christmas 2022, online spending totalled £23.5 billion. These figures include online sales made by brick-and-mortar retailers including Next, John Lewis, Tesco and Sainsbury’s. For the same period in 2023, spend is expected to rise to £24.1 billion pounds.

With no sign of online sales slowing down this year, e-commerce businesses need to ensure they have everything in place to prepare for this highly lucrative festive season and to minimise packaging problems that may arise.

However, there are a number of factors that contribute to goods being delayed in transit which unfortunately an E-commerce business can not control no matter how prepared they may be such as:

- Logistic problems.
- Schedule changes. 
- Traffic challenges.

Despite that, there is one important factor that contributes to E-commerce delays that business owners can control and that is the quality of your packaging. Packaging problems can be a major headache for a business.

What packaging problems can arise? 

Poorly designed packaging results in a range of problems such as:

- Breakages.
- Lost and damaged items.
- Disappointing or negative reviews.
- No unboxing videos and PR from customers sharing their unboxing experiences.
- Fewer boxes being stacked in transit vans - which as a result has a knock-on effect across the supply chain resulting in delays and can result in additional costs due to replacements, returns and administration work.
Not only that, but poorly designed packaging and packaging problems can lead to poor brand perception, and can greatly reduce the likelihood of establishing long-term relationships with customers and encouraging repeat purchases.

How can you minimise packaging problems and ensure your packaging won't cause delays this Christmas?

There is a list of important factors you should check to establish whether your packaging is high-quality, or if it could be at risk of causing delays and packaging problems.

Let’s go through these together…

1. The weight of your packaging

If your parcel is extremely heavy and difficult to lift If your parcel is extremely heavy and difficult to lift it can cause packaging problems; this may result in more chances of it being dropped. By keeping packaging light you can reduce the amount you pay for shipping costs and reduce packaging problems.

So, as a result, you want packaging which is lightweight but rigid enough to withstand the journey to your customer's destination.

Heavy packaging materials can deeply cut into your profit margins by adding extra weight and shipping costs.

Products can become damaged if you choose a box that doesn’t hold the contents properly or if there isn’t adequate protection used inside the box to protect the contents.

Make sure you minimise these types of packaging problems by checking your products fit your packaging securely. 

2. The strength of your packaging

The weaker the packaging, the more likely it is to get damaged in transit, contributing to your packaging problems.

Some packages may undertake extensive shipping procedures and be handled across a number of touch points.

So, it's important it can withstand any adverse pressure, any weather conditions, and no matter how bumpy the journey may be.

The structure of a corrugated cardboard box acts as a cushion with the main aim of protecting the content inside - perfect right?

3. How your products fit inside the packaging

Your goods should fit securely in the box, with sufficient protection and stability.

They should be limited to the amount of movement they can make, preventing the likelihood of any collisions.

What is the best type of packaging for E-commerce businesses to minimise packaging problems?

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are a sustainable, high-quality packaging option you can trust. Most commonly used as cardboard shipping boxes, this type of packaging is perfect for E-commerce businesses.

Corrugated material is very easy to work with and extremely time-efficient to produce and supply. This again makes it a perfect choice for busy E-commerce businesses with a large number of orders to ship out in one day and minimises your packaging problems.

Corrugated boxes can be supplied in single-wall and double-wall options, so it is important to understand the difference between the two.

Single Wall Boxes

Single Wall Cardboard Boxes are most commonly used for packaging lightweight products and are also another good option for E-commerce businesses.

A single wall box is constructed using three layers of paper that are glued using starch into one single, sturdy sheet. Again, this makes for a great way to transport your products and keep packaging problems to a minimum.

Double Wall Boxes

Double Wall Cardboard Boxes are constructed using two layers of corrugated cardboard (flutes), with a liner board facing between them. This 5-ply construction provides added strength and stability.

Corrugated cases constructed in double-wall are better suited for heavier weighted or higher value items, which demand greater strength from the board.

The double fluting also adds greater protection, by providing a strong cushioning effect, absorbing any shock which may occur during transit.

This measn less packaging problems and fewer complaints about damaged deliveries.

Royal Mail Postal Boxes

We also sell royal mail postage boxes which are made with top-quality boards and come in a range of sizes that are suitable for shipping through the postal system.

All our boxes are supplied flat packed which demands minimum storage space when empty.

The robust design of our boxes ensures that they can be quickly and easily assembled with packaging tape (not included) and are perfect for E-commerce businesses.

Say goodbye to packaging problems and hello to packaging solutions. Find out more about the packaging we supply today