Recent research shared by eDelivery suggests that 72% of consumers would spend more if they could be sure of same day delivery from a retailer.

Now, we understand that every e-commerce retailer is different, and same day delivery may be impossible for some businesses, however, trying to speed up the dispatch process to meet this short turnaround time could result in damaged packaging, leading to unsatisfied customers.

No matter what your delivery terms are, one thing is for sure – ensuring goods reach consumers in perfect condition using quality boxes for shipping is a key for the following reasons:

When a product arrives to a customer it’s important that the goods are in perfect order and are not damaged in transit. Possible damage can be alleviated by packaging the goods in robust shipping boxes such as single or double wall corrugated cardboard boxes.

What’s more, not only could there be costs associated with fixing, adjusting or repairing the product, you may also have to pay for the return shipment of the goods.

By using robust boxes for shipping your items, it could save you money on any unwanted damage incidents, retaining as much profit as possible from the sale.

Customer Satisfaction

First impressions count, and none are more important than when a customer receives a package from you. The quality and condition of the packaging is the first thing a customer sees and gives an impression of your brand. Therefore sending your products in an appropriate shipping box is key to making a good impression.

As described above, it’s extremely important to ensure goods reach customers in perfect condition, and by using good packaging, it will help diminish any potential customer dissatisfaction from damaged packaging and/or goods.


Where poor boxes for shipping goods are used and items get damaged and returned, more fuel is burned with more carbon dioxide emitted when couriers go to collect the goods for return.

In addition, extra waste is created and energy consumed by having to dispose of the product itself. Though damages and claims are not often tracked as a sustainability metric, they definitely have an impact on the environment, and the bottom line.

Here at Boxed-Up we aim to help retailers choose the best boxes for shipping their goods, and offer a fantastic selection all ranging in size. Our handy Box Finder tool may be useful to find the best box for your goods.