Are you wondering how to post clothes safely? Whatever your reason for selling T-shirts or clothing online, you want to make sure you package your items ready for shipping in a way that ensures your customer doesn’t receive a crumpled-up product.

Why is packaging for shirts and other clothing so important?

For eCommerce businesses or individual sellers, a customer will make an impression on the quality of service from a number of factors including the unboxing or unpackaging experience. So don’t make the condition of how your product arrives the reason to turn your customers away or not get repeat orders.

Tips for prepping clothing

Before you pack your items, it’s important to make sure that your product is looking its best and is prepped in an appropriate way.

Folding your clothing items over rolling them provides a better presentation for the customer upon arrival, plus means you don’t get wrinkles or undesirable creases forming.

For a T-shirt:

  • Lay your item face down
  • Fold the sleeves behind the back
  • Finally, neatly fold in half

Other items can be folded in a similar way to create a nice size square such as dresses or jumpers.

To fold trousers or items with zips:

  • Fold the item in half lengthways with the zip on the inside
  • Fold in half and then fold in half again depending on the length of the item.

What packaging should you use?

A lot of people use plastic Jiffy bags. However, this is not very eco-friendly and is more likely to lead to your items looking creased and shabby, even if you folded them nicely beforehand.

A cardboard t-shirt packaging box offers a more professional look, is eco-friendly, will keep your product folded nicely in transit and can save you extra costs when shipping.

For T-shirts and smaller clothing items such as scarves or gloves, large letter postal boxes are ideal such as our C4 PIP box. This box conforms to the Royal Mail letterbox guidelines and as the name suggests, will fit through standard-sized letter boxes to guarantee delivery.

For slightly larger items, one of our subscription boxes is slightly wider and come under the Royal Mail small parcel sizing. Then if you’re sending multiple items or clothing such as trousers or dresses, we would recommend a box like our 12 x 9x 6”.

The robust design of our boxes ensures that they can be quickly and easily assembled with packaging tape to secure the contents.

For further information read our guide on choosing the right sized box and how to calculate shipping costs.

If you would like further assistance with your product please phone us at 01942 524 256 or via our contact form.