Helping to save the forest, one box at a time!

Helping to save the forest, one box at a time!
It's FSC Friday

Its FSC® Friday! And what exactly does that entail?

You may not be aware but purchasing goods with the FSC® logo is extremely important.

 Boxed Up Packaging Ltd FSC Forest Blog post

Everything that carries the FSC® logo comes from sustainable sources and here at Boxed-Up and our sister company Belmont Packaging, we can provide a chain of custody for our boxes.

We are immensely proud to be certified members of the Forest Stewardship Council®

This means that we need to be audited on a regular basis to ensure we are meeting the high standards set by the FSC®.

When you purchase something with the FSC® logo you are ensuring that our forest will be alive for our children. Any tree that is harvested will be replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

If there are rare animals or plants or even indigenous people in some parts of the forest, it will be forbidden to harvest trees from these areas. The FSC® is endorsed by environmental charities such as Greenpeace, the WWF and more  

Last year I blogged about the FSC® and their impact on the environment. Within the last year more and more people are becoming concerned with our world and how we can help it. Whether that be by banning plastics, saving our animals, reducing your carbon footprint or buying sustainable products. 

By purchasing goods with the FSC® logo, you can be confident knowing that you are doing your bit

Boxed Up Packaging Ltd FSC Infographic