The Merchant’s Handy Guide To Packaging

 The Merchant’s Handy Guide To Packaging

Shipping is an essential part of running an online business, but it’s often forgotten about until the last minute. You could be throwing away a percentage of your profits with unsuitable packaging (for example, if you’re shipping small products in larger boxes). If you’re really looking to save some money on your packaging, buying in bulk often offers greater discounts! 

That’s not the only reason to care about your packaging. Consumers are becoming more conscious of their shopping habits, and they’re looking not only for sustainable products but businesses dedicated to being environmentally-friendly in all aspects of their business. 

What does this mean for merchants? 

Sustainable packaging is a really easy thing to change about your business, and all it takes is a dedication to recyclable corrugated cardboard packaging and to make sure your products fit as ‘snug’ as possible.  

For example, the price difference between Royal Mail’s ‘small parcel’ and ‘medium parcel’ at the same weight of up to 1kg differs in price by £2.25. If you send out 10 packages a day it would rack up to £157.50 a week; money that could be invested into your business. 

We’ve put together this handy packaging guide to help you understand royal mail packaging costs and how to measure your shipping boxes! 

Don’t forget about protection! 

Whilst you want to be maximising your profits and impressing your customers with your sustainability, you will want to consider the item(s) you’re shipping. If you’re shipping fragile products, you’ll need more durable solutions such as double wall cardboard boxes. 

Do I need branded packaging? 

Not always. If you’re a relatively new business or small merchant, sticking with plain cardboard packaging may be the best option for you. Whilst its not always important to have branded shipping boxes, it is important to get your branding right! Carving out a niche and identity is what will separate your brand from the competition.  

If you’re growing at a rapid pace or would like to move towards custom packaging, our sister company Belmont Packaging will be able to look after you. After all, as you grow, you’ll want to provide more of an experience for your customer and the unboxing process plays a huge part in this. 

Subscription packaging solutions 

Subscriptions have been huge in 2019 and they’re not going away anytime soon. What started as shaving products has developed into all kinds of subscriptions from clothing through to coffee. 

As the modern consumer moves towards convenience, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.  A simple but sturdy C4 Large Letter Postal Box is a great option for a subscription box, or if you’re looking for something a little bigger, our Subscription Medium Brown Box is perfect. 

Are you ready to get started? You can find your perfect box by using our handy box finder.