We all have fond memories of making things at school, papier mache animals using balloons and newspaper or even a fancy picture for your parents using the finest school paints!

Whatever your memory, we are sure it’s a positive and happy one. As we grow older we stop playing or have less time for hobbies or arts & crafts projects.

Just because we grow up doesn’t mean that we need to stop having fun as Boxed-Up Ecommerce Co-Ordinator Kelly Rowson explains “ having fun isn’t just for kids, us adults should take time out from our busy lifestyles and do something entertaining at least once a month! It’s what keeps us young after all”

Craft Month starts in March and is the perfect time to take an Art class or maybe dust off those paint brushes, get out that sticky glue and paper and get your creative juices flowing! We hope you enjoy our top 5 favourite things to make using only cardboard.

5. Fruit & veg store

No 5 on our list, this cardboard fronted shop is perfect for kids, heck! Its perfect for us adults too!

4. Storage boxes

Ideal storage boxes for the bathroom and of course, eco-friendly as they are made just from cardboard boxes and a bit of fabric! Fantastic!

Picture courtesy of: sarahhalstead.com

3. 3D faux letters

Why not check out grillo-designs.com for some real inspirational cardboard designs for beginners and more crafty people.

We especially love these letters made from pieces of cardboard and some kitchen herbs! (yes really!)

2. Easter egg hunt treasure chest basket.

Scatter chocolate eggs around the garden and make your own treasure hunt. Add some gold coins and chocolate eggs to one of our fantastic treasure chest to make the perfect Easter egg hunt

1. Ahoy there matey!

Our no1 most favourite item to make this craft month is this fantastic pirate ship made just from cardboard and ideal for the kids. Once the summer months hit, that is! Even we would like a play in this crafty ship

Picture courtesy of firepixieparties.blogspot.co.uk

So grab the kids, get to your nearest arts and crafts shop and of course grab a few of our boxes and get crafting!

Why not share your projects with us via our Facebook or twitter account. We would love to hear from you.