What we at Boxed-Up love the most about this time of year, is the creativity that blossoms out from the general man. Imaginations certainly run wild with turning the everyday into something devilishly spooky. Toilet Rolls, cardboard boxes and bedroom sheets all evolve into spooky costumes and frightening decorations.

Below are our top 5 favourite cardboard costume creations. Each showcasing a great array of imaginative, low-budget ideas for those cardboard boxes you may have currently hidden redundant in storage.

5. Guess Who

Such a brilliantly quirky, low-budget, crowd pleaser! Grab yourself a red or blue t-shirt, create a cardboard photo frame and label with your chosen name. Add a touch of humour to the ensemble by adding a moustache, a funky hat or some wild glasses!

Want to go that bit further? Paint your face to look like a skull, Frankenstein or pop in some fangs and grab the fake blood to be vampire. Guess who Halloween Edition!

Here is our e-commerce manager Rachel bringing this costume to life.

4. Robot

A robot is the perfect solution for a low-budget costume. Grab a couple of boxes; 1 for the head and 1 for the body, add a splash of accordion tubing for the arms and legs and you’re good to go! Be as technically advanced as you wish, simply save some bottle caps to act as buttons!

3. Minecraft

Minecraft has captured the heart of the gaming world. Bring to life your very own Minecraft character in this simple, but superbly brilliant lifelike replication of this classic game character.

2. Mario Gold box 

Bring this classic game to life in an unexpected way. This is the perfect solution to all your cardboard costume requirements. Simply create enough holes, for you to stand comfortably within the box then decorate based around the question block or other blocks found within the Mario Universe. Take this costume a step further; grab yourself a partner (or several) to create a group costume theme!

1. Lego Characters – Unikitty

Our favourite cardboard costume to date! Get painting your old removal into your Lego head, with the amount of Lego movies and games available, this costume has endless possibilities! Our personal favourite is Unikitty from the Lego Movie, super cute or super angry; she is an interesting character from cloud Cuckoo Land.

However you transform your cardboard this Halloween, be sure to let your imagination run wild!