Helpful hintPre-fold the creases on your treasure chest before assembly, as this will help to create the box quicker and easier

Ahoy matey! Here are some assembly Instructions to guide you through making your treasure chest to store your loot!

  • Pre-fold creases on the treasure chest before you start to assemble.
  • Lie the box flat
  • Make sure the base is in the centre
  • Panels 1 & 2 pull in and put on top base
  • Panel 3 & 4 tuck in on the inside of the box
  • Tuck all 3 flaps inside to cover panels 3 & 4

Once the chest is assembled

  1. Panels 5 & 6 come together and lock into each other
  • Make sure all the *starred finger tabs are folded inwards on the top
  • Roll the top across all the *starred finger tabs
  • The large flap that is left over folds inside the gap to cover the *starred finger tabs completely

Enjoy your unique Treasure Chest!