Packaging Guide: Medium Parcel

Medium parcel postal boxes are ideal for eCommerce companies who have bigger or heavier items to ship such as; children’s toys, bulky clothing or shoes, games consoles and household electrical goods.

Alternatively, it can be cost effective to use a medium parcel postal box to ship multiple small items to one customer.

Medium Parcel Package Sizing

To be within Royal Mail’s guidelines, a medium parcel can be a maximum of 610mm long X 460mm wide X 460mm deep. Plus, you get a weight limit of up to 20kg.

Single wall boxes are suitable for packages up to 10kg, for those packages between 10-20kg we highly recommend using double wall boxes for extra strength. Double wall boxes are also ideal for fragile products as it provides extra protection.

To be cost effective when packing your parcels, choose a box that provides the right amount of room for your product and any protective fillers needed. This will help you save money by reducing excess packaging and improving your user experience.

How to Pack and Secure Your Package

Our medium parcel postal boxes are delivered flat-packed to reduce storage space and can easily be assembled. For assembly, we recommend you use one of the following packaging tapes;

  • Brown plastic tape (Polypropylene tape)
  • Electrical tape (Vinyl adhesive tape)
  • Duct Tape (Fiber-reinforced paper tape)

If required, bubble wrap, foam, loose fill, air cushioning, kraft paper, eco-friendly padding, or edge/corner protections are suitable protective fillers for fragile products.

When sending multiple products per box, wrap each item up individually to prevent damage during the shipping process.

To Assemble and Pack

  • Start by sealing the bottom of the box with the H-taping method.
  • Insert any required protective filler and then place your product/s into the centre of the box. (If a protective filler is required, create a 2inch/5-6cm layer between the product and box).
  • To prevent damage to the box or your product, use filler materials to pad out any excess areas.
  • Seal the top of the box using the same H-taping method.

It’s as easy as that!

Box-in-Box Method

For particularly fragile products such as ceramics, the box-in-box method will offer a greater level of protection. This involves packing your product in a box as outlined above, then choosing a suitably larger box that will provide enough space for a 2inch/5-6cm layer of protective filler and your product box. Seal the outer box with the same H-taping method.

Heavier packages will need more tape to ensure the box is secure.

Our Medium Parcel Postal Boxes

We offer a range of medium parcel postal boxes to help you choose the right box for your product. By using a box with dimensions closest to your product size, you can reduce excess packaging and improve customer experience.

Find the perfect sizes box for your application here: Box Finder

Cost to Send Small Parcel Box (1st class)

  • 1kg = £5.90
  • 5kg = £15.85
  • 10kg = £21.90
  • 20kg = £33.40

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Reduces excess packaging
  • Convenience for your customer
  • Plastic free and 100% recyclable
  • Made in Britain

Our medium parcel postal boxes contain up to 50 units per pack. There is also a discount available for bulk buys.

We also offer free standard next working day delivery on orders paid for before 13:45 (excluding bulk orders).