Why Customers Love Boxed-Up

Why Customers Love Boxed-Up

Here at Boxed-Up, we have had a lot of happy customers. From individuals wanting to pack up and move their lives to a new home to small businesses needing protective solutions for precious goods, we have supplied thousands of boxes throughout the UK. Do you want to know why our customers love Boxed-Up so much? Here are just a few reasons.

Find the Perfect Box for You

You may have specific requirements when it comes to cardboard boxes, such as different sizes, and cardboard thickness. Boxed-Up has an easy-to-use box finder that allows you to find the right size for your packages. Simply enter the length, width, and height of your items and the best size will be found for you.

You can also choose from single wall and double wall cardboard boxes, depending on how much protection your goods will need. Whether you are a customer moving house or a business wanting to shop for valuable goods, we have a range of cardboard boxes for you.

If you cannot find the right sized box for your needs, you can contact our design and sales team. They can help you with bespoke boxes that are going to be suitable for your requirements.

Enjoy Next Working Day Delivery as Standard

We know how important it is to offer fast delivery to customers. In fact, it is the number one request for businesses that have customer fulfillment to make and busy schedules. You want cardboard boxes and you want them now! That is why Boxed-Up offers an unrivaled speedy service that is going to deliver your cardboard boxes the next working day. No matter what type of cardboard boxes you order, they will be shipped flat-packed via a courier or bulk freight. This will depend on the size and type of your order. 

We always strive to offer a reliable next-day delivery service. To ensure you can benefit from the next working day delivery, ensure your order is complete before 11:45 am Monday to Friday. This can allow those packages to be despatched the same day. If you order after this time, you can expect your order to be despatched the next working day. Therefore, the earlier you can complete your order, the better despatch time you can expect.

We Ship Flat-Packed for Convenience

It can be difficult to store bulky cardboard boxes. So, if your business needs a lot of large boxes but does not have endless amounts of storage for them, do not worry. We offer the perfect solution for you. We ship all of our cardboard boxes flat-packed.

This allows a convenient and easy way to store them when they arrive. They are going to take up at least 50 percent less space, which can allow you to comfortably keep the cardboard boxes you need and have more in reserve.

Access the Best Prices

If you have shopped around for cardboard boxes, you know that they can be expensive. But it does not have to be this way. We are able to offer you the best prices at Boxed-Up because you are purchasing directly from the manufacturer.

We have our factory here in the North West of England and this means that there is no middleman that can increase the prices.

What’s more, we always make sure that we offer generous discounts for customers making bulk orders. This is going to allow you to save money when you have a lot of cardboard boxes to purchase. You can order anything from 25 to 1000 boxes.

You Can Buy British

Do you like to support British business? Then you will be pleased to know that we manufacture and supply cardboard boxes in the United Kingdom.

Boxed-Up is part of the eCommerce division of Belmont Packaging. Our customers can enjoy peace of mind and know they are helping local businesses and even reducing their carbon footprint. We offer high-quality cardboard boxes for all of your needs.

Plus, we have a responsive customer service team in the UK, which means that if you run into any issues or have questions, we can offer quick answers.