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Measuring Boxes

Standard corrugated boxes are always measured in the same order (with the box opening at the top);

Boxed-Up Packaging Measurement Guide - all boxed are measured in inches

The box dimensions, stated by a supplier, refer to the internal (usable) dimensions of the carton. 

Boxed-Up supply a range of various sized boxes, which can seem daunting when you are unsure which size box you need. In order to find the right box for your needs, you will need to determine how large your product(s) will be that you wish to house in the same box.

Firstly we suggest measuring your goods. It is good practice to measure your goods in the same way as manufacturers; Length x width x Height. This will make it easier for you when determining and picking a stock box size. It is also perhaps a good idea to think of other layouts of your products, as this can bring up other stock box options which may be suitable.

When choosing your box remember that bubble wrap, foam chips and other protective packaging material will add to the space needed. They are also great void fillers, if your box is slightly too large. It is best to select a box which is slightly larger in all 3 dimensions to allow room for the protective padding.

Ideally the best packaged goods are those which sit snugly inside the box, meaning minimal movement of your goods during transit.

If you have seen a box which you think may be suitable but are unsure, or perhaps you have a couple of stock box options which could work. Please get in touch with us and the sales team will be happy to assist you where they can.