What is the best box for Vinyl Records?

What is the best box for Vinyl Records?


I am looking for something to store my vinyl records. I have had these for years and would like something to keep them safe when they are in storage. The size is approx. 7”
Do you have something suitable?


Thank you for your enquiry.
We quite understand your need to keep your albums safe and secure!
As they are simply for storing, our single wall will be quite sufficient. The 7x7x7” are ideal for storing 7” vinyl and will keep them snug without causing warping to them

Our 8x8x8” will leave a gap if moving, which can be used to include extra padding and bubble wrap (as in the below image)

The above boxes are single wall, if the albums are valuable or you are sending through the courier system, we would recommend double wall boxes.

Images courtesy of Mr F. Childs*